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A group of Senior School students receive instruction from their classroom teacher

Teaching and Learning

Manning Valley Anglican College has embraced the trends in education so that the Teaching and Learning style of the school is relevant to 21st Century learners. We help our students to develop independence, flexibility, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, global connection and habits of mind and heart within our Learning Framework. We support our students in developing knowledge, skills, confidence and faith to face the challenges of the future.

Students are provided with an individual based approach to education which encourages every child to fulfill their potential and let their light shine.

Leading Learning on the Mid North Coast

Our Leading Learning program, unique among schools in the Manning Valley and Great Lakes, tracks each student at regular intervals to create an ongoing profile of what and how they have learned. Under this program, we can identify areas in which the student excels or provide them with extra support in those areas where they may fall behind. These progressive assessments also allow us to evaluate the success of classroom practice in order to refine our approach.

Having identified their strengths and interests, we aim to provide students with tasks which are custom-selected to be of most benefit to them. This includes assigning them work which stems from areas where they are motivated to learn, for instance using the mechanics of a game to solve a mathematical puzzle or writing a piece about an extra-curricular activity.

Knowing a student’s interests and understanding how they learn means we are able to harness their enthusiasm and self-motivation to engage them in meaningful learning experiences.

Reading and Comprehension: Literacy for Life

In encouraging students to work together each day to read and analyse material, we foster and develop literacy and comprehension, as well as building the vital social skills which students will need to draw on in order to process and share their experiences throughout their lives.

A group of Primary School students make use of tablet computers as part of the teaching and learning programs.

Integrating Technology

Schools everywhere must address rapid shifts in technology in order to instruct students in its safe and effective use. Computing technology is not limited to certain fields and industries, and users are no longer tethered to a stationary workstation. Technology is in our living rooms, our pockets and our classrooms.

At MVAC, we view technology as a suite of teaching resources. No device or application is inherently educational, but many can be harnessed to deliver powerful, engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

Throughout Primary School, MVAC students are able to access a tablet computer in the classroom, loaded with applications which promote literacy and numeracy skills. The use or restriction of one-to-one devices is in the hands of each classroom teacher, meaning devices can be assigned as part of a positive reinforcement system or restricted to promote balanced use. As they move into higher years, students begin to use these devices for self-guided research through the internet.

In High School years, students are encouraged to bring their own device for use in the classroom, in addition to having access to tablet and laptop computer resources through the Library and the Secondary Computer Lab.

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