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Pastoral Care and Support

School is about more than just literacy and numeracy; the emotional and social aspects of gathering together to learn play a vital role in a child’s development. Compassion and care run deep through the Christian faith, and as an Anglican school we aim to support students in their personal and spiritual development.

A group of high school students gather at St John's Anglican Church, Taree, as part of a day to support their transition into high school.

Christian Studies and Chapel Services

Students are encouraged to explore their faith and share their ideas and experiences with those around them. The delivery of a Christian Studies course allows students to come to an understanding of the origin and spiritual foundation of the Church.

With the support and involvement of the Anglican clergy in Taree and Wingham, as well as our own Chaplain, we are able to run Chapel services on a regular basis, providing students with a practical experience of worship in the Anglican tradition, building upon that which they have learned and giving them the chance to express their personal beliefs. Students also take part in a formal Eucharist each term, allowing them to take part in the Holy Communion if they are of age.

Pastoral Lessons

Throughout Junior School, the close relationship between teacher and student enables the teacher to be very aware of a child’s needs, motivators and personal concerns. As students move in to Senior School and spread class time among many teachers, it is natural to worry that this connection and level of care might be diminished or lost.

At MVAC, we set aside time each fortnight for students and staff to sit down in small groups and deliver informal lessons or discuss issues of a more personal nature. These periods allow students to continue to connect with trusted teachers and seek advice on any topic or issue which is of concern to them.

Students are also encouraged to seek out a trusted teacher or the College Chaplain at any time they feel in need of additional personal or spiritual support.

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