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Primary Schools and High Schools across New South Wales must adhere to the guidelines set by the Board of Studies, which defines the necessary subjects for a student’s core education at every level.

A teacher instructs a group of school children

Our curriculum recognises the importance of these Key Learning Areas, assigning class time to the following subjects across the school:



Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

Science and Technology

Human Society and its Environment (HSIE)

In addition to these Key Learning Areas, students from K – 10 are required to take an additional subject:

Christian Studies

Primary School Curriculum

IMG_0456Our teachers are committed to nurturing the original spark that lies within each child, bringing them to their fullest potential. We want to see every child grow to be intellectually curious, persistent and eager to follow their aspirations.

In addition to devoting class time to the Key Learning Areas above, we also offer further unique learning experiences to our Primary School students, reflecting our emphasis on spiritual and cultural guidance, with classes in:

Creative and Practical Arts


Secondary School Curriculum

Additional subjects from Year 7 onwards offer a broader educational experience, incorporating the following compulsory classes in:

In Years 7 & 8A group of secondary school students explore circuitry in science class

History and Geography (HSIE)

Visual Arts and Music


Technological and Applied Sciences

In Years 9 & 10

Australian History and Geography (HSIE)

Secondary School Electives

A group of students study food technology as part of the High School CurriculumIn Years 9 & 10 students also have the choice of taking on additional elective subjects, in order to continue their studies based on their interests, including:

Design and Technology

Food Technology

Visual Arts




Senior School Curriculum

In Years 11 & 12, students are required to study two units of English as part of the minimum requirements for the Higher School Certificate. MVAC also requires students to undergo the two unit Studies of Religion course, helping them to place their understanding of the Christian faith in the broader context of global religions.

A pair of senior school students work with a teacher.Beyond these subjects, students are able to select their own course of study, and the College is committed to ensuring every student is able to follow that course in one way or another.

We offer our students the chance to take on subjects such as English and Mathematics up to the Extension 1 level, Ancient History, Biology, Chemistry, PDHPE, Business and Legal Studies.

We also provide them with the opportunity to study a range of courses, including Music, Modern History and Physics, through distance education.

Meanwhile, TAFE courses are available in fields such as IT and Human Services, for students who wish to gain additional qualifications while sitting their HSC.

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