Term 4, Week 6

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Term 4, Week 6

This week at MVAC has shown us what makes our College and our students great.

Our Kindergarten Transition students joined us once again for a Play Session. Throughout Monday afternoon they had a fantastic time exploring the wide range of toys, games and learning aids which makes the Kindergarten room so unique. Our Transition students have come a long way since Orientation Day earlier this term and are nearly ready to begin their Kindergarten journey. The final Transition Session will be Teddy Bears’ Picnic this coming Thursday, 24 November, from 9:30am.

Our ‘Carpe Diem’ Gifted and Talented students took to the Hall on the evening of Wednesday, 16 November, to showcase the knowledge and understanding they have gained throughout the year. The Showcase featured both static and interactive displays from students in Years 6 – 10 and a presentation by students in Years 3 – 5. Students from the Primary School focused on educating the crowd on the 8 Multiple Intelligences, a theory which summarises the various ways in which both children and adults think and learn. An understanding of these intelligences allows students to identify their strengths and apply them to self-guided learning. Meanwhile, students in the Secondary School produced and displayed a piece of work explaining the 16 Habits of Mind, a collection of skills and techniques our brains have developed for dealing with various situations. An understanding of these habits allows students to identify the most effective way for them to achieve the desired outcome in any given situation. Both groups presented their information incredibly professionally and with great insight. It was a joy to share in exploring all they have studied over the year.

Lastly, our future Primary School Captains stood up to give their final speeches before voting on Friday, 18 November. Each of the 10 candidates presented themselves very well, speaking clearly and providing compelling reasons they should be considered. Any of them would make a fantastic Captain or Vice Captain and they should all be proud of what they have achieved. We look forward to the results.

Coming up at MVAC Year 10 will be on Work Placement throughout Week 8 (beginning Monday, 28 November) and Year 6 will celebrate their Primary school graduation on Wednesday, 30 November. Students from Kindergarten to Year 11 will take part in a variety of end-of-year activities on Thursday, 1 December before the whole-school Presentation Night on Monday, 5 December, beginning from 5:30pm at Club Taree.

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