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Executive Staff
  • Sandra Langford
    Sandra LangfordPrincipal
  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew JonesDeputy Principal
  • Karen Brown
    Karen BrownDirector of Early Learning
  • Eamonn Lawless
    Eamonn LawlessDirector of Student Welfare
  • Therese Lloyd
    Therese LloydDirector of Teaching and Learning
  • Neil MacAulay
    Neil MacAulayDirector of Primary
  • Stephen Watkins
    Stephen WatkinsDirector of Studies
  • Lisa Yeark
    Lisa YearkExecutive Officer & Registrar
  • Greg Anderson
    Greg AndersonChaplain
Primary Teaching Staff
Staff Member Position
Director of Early Learning / Year 1 Teacher
Director of Primary / Year 6 Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Year 1 Teacher
Year 2 Teacher
Year 3 / 4 Teacher
Year 3 / 4 Teacher
Year 5 Teacher (on leave)
Year 5 Teacher
Year 6 Teacher / Information Technology
Christian Studies Teacher
Japanese Teacher
‘Gifted and Talented Students’ Teacher
Music Teacher
Secondary Teaching Staff
Staff Member Position
Deputy Principal
Director of Teaching and Learning
Director of Student Welfare
Director of Studies
Christian Studies Teacher
Visual Arts Teacher
HSIE / Science Teacher
Science / Mathematics Teacher (on leave)
Technology and Applied Science Teacher
Japanese Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
Science Teacher
Mathematics Teacher
‘Gifted and Talented Students’ Teacher
Music Teacher / Aboriginal Education Officer
HSIE / English Teacher
Support Staff
Staff Member Position
Executive Officer & Registrar
Reception and Administration
Reception and Administration
Learning Support
Curriculum Support
Curriculum Support
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