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Swimming Age Champions 2020

Congratulations to our Champions and to Hawkins House who took out the Carnival.

Age Group Student House
8 Years Girls Tallow Eady O’Reilly
8 Years Boys Cody Gale Parker
9 years Girls Piper Dawson O’Reilly
9 Years Boys Eoin Watkins Hawkins
10 Years Girls Lucia Matuszny Hawkins
10 Years Boys Blake Taylor O’Reilly
11 Years Girls Bronte Eady O’Reilly
11 Years Boys Braydon Stevenson O’Reilly
12/13 Years Girls (Primary) Beatrix Lucas Hawkins
12/13 Years Boys (Primary) Benjamin Matuszny Hawkins
12/13 Years Girls (Secondary) Jacqui Stevenson O’Reilly
12/13 Years Boys (Secondary) Trenton Jones Hawkins
14 Years Girls Christabel Lucas Hawkins
14 Years Boys Pacey MacAulay Parker
15 Years Girls Makayla Saunders Parker
15 Years Boys Nathanial Deas Hawkins
16 Years Girls Niamh MacAulay Parker
16 Years Boys Luke Anderson Hawkins
17 Years Girls Brianna Wheeler  Hawkins
17 Years Boys Luke Clapham O’Reilly
18 Years Girls Tegan Hinshelwood  Parker
18 Years Boys Ben Prior  O’Reilly


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