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A school’s uniform unites its students and identifies them as a member of the school community. Manning Valley Anglican College’s uniform is well known and respected in the wider Taree community.

Please assist us in ensuring that the complete uniform is worn and that it is worn correctly when at school or travelling between school and home. If it is not possible for some part of the uniform to be worn please write a note explaining the situation.

Summer Uniform (Terms 1 and 4)

  • Short sleeve, sky blue shirt / blouse
  • Navy blue college shorts (boys)
  • Blue check summer dress with navy piping (Primary girls) or Navy/Gold tartan skirt (Secondary girls)
  • College navy slouch hat

Winter Uniform (Terms 2 and 3)

  • Long sleeve, sky blue shirt / blouse
  • Navy blue college trousers (boys)
  • Navy tartan winter tunic (Primary girls) or Navy/Gold tartan skirt with navy tights/navy socks (Secondary girls)
  • Navy pullover jumper
  • Navy/Gold tartan tie (boys) or Navy tartan crossover tie (girls)

In Years 11 and 12, students substitute sky blue shirts / blouses for white.

Sports Uniform


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Notes on Uniform

In order for the school to present a good image and so that students can maintain a healthy self-respect uniforms must be clean and ironed and worn with pride. Make up and nail polish are not allowed.

It is preferable that school shoes are of the black leather lace up type and that the white socks for either the girl’s uniform or the sport uniform be above the ankle. Ankle length socks which disappear into the shoe are not considered appropriate.

Girl’s hair styles should be simple and neat. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back with a ribbon or elastic, preferably navy in colour or matching the student’s natural hair colour. Boy’s hair should be cut to a moderate length, and be neatly combed. Older boys are to be clean shaven. Hair should be naturally coloured.

During various sporting events, students will need to wear swimmers. Girl’s swimmers must be of the one piece style. For boy’s swimmers, speedos and a rash shirt are preferable in younger years, though older boys may choose to wear board shorts.

When considering jewellery, the following rules must be adhered to. Watches should be plain and simple. Earrings (allowed for girls only) should be of the small sleeper or stud variety with a maximum of one per ear. No bracelets or anklets are to be worn. A single signet ring and a small cross may be worn. The College does not allow students to have body piercings or tattoos.

New uniforms are available from Lowes Taree. Quality second-hand uniforms can be purchased from the College Uniform Shop, which operates Tuesday afternoons from 1.30-3.00pm.

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