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Enrolment Agreement


I hereby agree to fully support the goals of the Manning Valley Anglican College, as set from time to time by the College. I will actively encourage any children who are students of the College to do their utmost to realise those goals in their lives, both within the school environment and away from it. The goals of the College are summarised in the College’s Mission Statement:

To Foster Learning Excellence in a Christian Environment

Manning Valley Anglican College strives to assist each individual to become effective in learning, relationships, work, leisure, community activities and worship. The College works towards a few key outcomes considered to be important milestones in growth and development. We aim to teach our students to:

· Demonstrate Christian values such as truth, honesty, compassion and respect, resulting in a high standard of behaviour,

· Accept personal responsibility for their own actions and their own learning,

· Work cooperatively with others, using functional communication skills to contribute to the College and wider communities,

· Set and evaluate personal goals, taking risks in their learning, and to use their initiative and abilities in new and creative ways,

· Achieve an academic standard consistent with their personal potential,

· Apply problem-solving strategies and organisational skills to their every-day tasks,

· And use technology to enhance their learning, communication and problem-solving abilities.

A group of primary school and high school students. MVAC takes students from their enrolment in Kindergarten through to their graduation.

Pastoral Care

I hereby agree to actively encourage and support my child / children in partaking in the spiritual programme set from time to time by the college, fully and with sincerity. I understand that at present this includes activities such as morning prayers each day, classroom prayers and devotions, weekly College Liturgies, College Eucharists, and community service projects.

I also agree to actively encourage my child / children in the development of Christian attitudes and the demonstration of Christian behaviours.


I hereby agree to actively encourage and support my child / children in partaking fully of the Curriculum as set from time to time by the College. I understand that this includes the standard curriculum prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies with the addition of the compulsory subject Christian Studies and participation in the College’s sports programme.

Student Management

I understand that every school must have clear rules and consequences for breaking those rules. Manning Valley Anglican College has designed its student management with the aim of using it to teach College students right from wrong and to teach them how to live according to Gospel values. This includes encouraging and rewarding good behaviour, in addition to laying down consequences for misbehaving or disturbing the learning of others.

I hereby agree to work in partnership with the College and fully support the College’s policies relating to student management and discipline, and will at all times encourage my child / children to obey school rules and accept any consequence for breaking of rules laid down by any staff member, within the College’s Discipline Policy.

I understand that the College reserves the right to suspend and / or expel any student who fails to comply fully with any principles contained in this statement.


I understand that the uniform creates an easily identifiable brand for the College, and that students wearing that uniform are automatically considered ambassadors for the school.

I hereby agree to provide my child / children with the full College uniform and actively enforce its use both at school and in the wider community, unmodified and in its entirety.


I hereby agree to pay all fees for tuition, co-curricular activities and the supply of goods and services to my child / children, as determined by the College from time to time.

If such fees remain unpaid I accept the my child / children’s enrolment may be terminated. If my child’s place is terminated we acknowledge that the debt to the College remains and must be repaid, including any interest and / or charges on the outstanding balance.


I understand that all students who attend the College are required to attend a number of school events and activities, including special assemblies, carnivals, Presentation Night and others as determined by the Principal from time to time, as well as camps, excursions and field trips which form an integral part of the core learning experience.

I hereby agree to actively encourage and support my child / children in attending and participating in College events.

Information Technology

I accept that Information Technology forms a crucial part of a modern education and plays a key role at school. I understand that students will apply technological skills to solving a range of problems across all subjects. I also acknowledge that technology must be managed carefully in order to enhance education and not detract from it.

I hereby agree to encourage my child to use Information Technology in accordance with the College’s IT policies.

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